Terms and Conditions

These Online Terms & Conditions were last updated on 1st of December 2023.

This Travel Money Online service is provided by ChangeGroup Sweden AB (called ChangeGroup Sweden in this document) and is only available to residents of Sweden who hold a bank account in Sweden. Through ChangeGroup Sweden's internet-based Travel Money Online-service, the Customer can order and pay for foreign currency via ChangeGroup Sweden's website. The foreign currency is then picked up by the Customer at a postal agent or in one of ChangeGroup Sweden's local offices. In addition to these conditions, the current exchange rate and price list apply between ChangeGroup Sweden and the Customer. ChangeGroup Sweden's local office can be found at https://se.changegroup.com/se/. 

These terms and conditions explain how the service works, our obligations to you and your obligations to us.


ChangeGroup Sweden AB
Organization number: 556835-1646
Postal address and visiting address:
Drottninggatan 65
111 36 Stockholm
Telephone number: + 46 (8) 4111222 (Head Office)
E-mail address: valuta@changegroup.se
Website: https://se.changegroup.com
ChangeGroup Sweden AB's seat is Stockholm.


ChangeGroup Sweden is a Swedish Payment Institution and is licensed to provide payment services. ChangeGroup Sweden AB is supervised by:

The Financial Supervisory Authority
Box 7821
103 97 Stockholm
Telephone number: + 46 (0)8-408 980 00
E-mail address: finansinspektionen@fi.se
Website: www.fi.se

Additional information about ChangeGroup Sweden, its operations as well as products and services, is available on ChangeGroup Sweden's website, https://se.changegroup.com/ As well as at ChangeGroup Sweden's respective local offices and their phone numbers.


ChangeGroup Sweden's internet-based currency service is not covered by the provisions on right of withdrawal in the Distance Contracts Act. Law (2005:59) on Distance Agreements and Agreements outside business premises, because the exchange rate that ChangeGroup Sweden applies at any given time depends on such fluctuations in the market that ChangeGroup Sweden cannot influence and which may occur during the cooling-off period.


When purchasing through ChangeGroup Sweden's internet-based exchange service, ChangeGroup Sweden applies the current exchange rate at any time and the fees that appear in ChangeGroup Sweden's current Price List at any time.


A business day refers to a day when ChangeGroup Sweden is open for business to the extent required for the execution of a payment transaction. If the time for ordering currency on the internet is not a business day, the order shall be deemed to have been received by ChangeGroup Sweden during the next business day. If nothing else is stipulated in the terms and conditions, ChangeGroup Sweden uses a cut-off time at 16.00 every business day, which means that an order received from the Customer after the cut-off time is considered to have been received on the next business day.


For use of ChangeGroup Sweden's internet-based currency service, the Customer must pay with a debit or credit card issued by a Swedish financial institution. Cards issued by a non-Swedish financial institution are not accepted.


Transaction time is the time when the Customer approves a payment on ChangeGroup Sweden's website and ChangeGroup Sweden has the right to charge the Customer. In cases where it is not the Customer who makes the payment, ChangeGroup Sweden will deny the transaction.


Ordering and payment for the foreign currency is done on ChangeGroup Sweden's website. The customer receives information on the website about the current exchange rate and how large the amount in the selected currency will be. When ordering, the Customer must fill in the social security number, email address and how much of which foreign currency. The information must be provided in the designated fields on the order page of the website. In connection with the Customer providing their personal data, the Customer agrees that ChangeGroup Sweden collects address information about the Customer's civil registration address from the State's personal address register (SPAR). For more information on the processing of personal data, see the section on "Processing of personal data". When the Customer has filled in all the information that ChangeGroup Sweden needs to handle the order, the Customer can choose the desired delivery method, as well as the desired method of being notified of delivery. If the Customer wants to pick up their currency in one of ChangeGroup Sweden's local offices, the Customer can also specify the store and pick-up date. If the Customer wishes to pick up his delivery at a postal agent, the customer can choose to receive a mail to his civil registry address or receive a message via SMS, if and when the ordered currency has been delivered for collection at the agent. To receive messages via SMS, the Customer must enter his mobile phone number in the designated box when ordering the currency. For collection of currency at ChangeGroup Sweden's local office, an e-mail is sent to the specified e-mail address, when the currency is available for collection. Payment is made on the website by secure card payment. In connection with the Customer approving the payment, ChangeGroup Sweden has the right to charge the Customer. The customer is responsible for ensuring that a sufficient amount is available at the time of the transaction. After the Customer has approved the payment, the Customer receives a confirmation via e-mail that the order has been placed and that the payment has been completed. Once the Customer has completed the payment, the Customer cannot change the amount for which the order refers.

In order to complete an order, a Swedish social security number and a Swedish civil registration address are required. The internet-based currency service is intended for private individuals only. In cases where the customer intends to carry out a business transaction (the term business transaction also includes interest organisations, foundations, religious communities and the like) the customer is referred to one of ChangeGroup Sweden's local offices.


Identification of the Customer takes place via Bank ID at the time of payment and with an ID document in connection with delivery. If the social security number entered by the Customer in the order does not match the rightful cardholder or civil registration address, the delivery will not be made.


ChangeGroup Sweden has the right to cancel the purchase if it is against the law or regulation, or if ChangeGroup Sweden suspects fraud. ChangeGroup Sweden also has the right to refuse a transaction on each individual occasion. In case of misuse of ChangeGroup Sweden's internet-based currency service, ChangeGroup Sweden has the right to block a customer's account/credit card and/or the customer's social security number for use on ChangeGroup Sweden's website.


When paying the foreign currency, ChangeGroup Sweden's current exchange rate is applied at the time. The amount to be paid is rounded to the nearest possible amount based on the lowest denomination available in the ordered currency, and may vary depending on which currency is intended.


Purchase of foreign currency is limited to a minimum amount of two thousand (2,000) kroner (SEK) and a maximum amount of thirty thousand (SEK 30,000) kroner per transaction. If one and the same Customer orders foreign currency on more than four (4) occasions during a continuous period of twelve (12) months, ChangeGroup Sweden needs to obtain additional information about the Customer, which is why the Customer needs to visit one of ChangeGroup Sweden's local offices. Checks may be made randomly even for lower amounts.


The foreign currency that the Customer has purchased via ChangeGroup Sweden's internet-based currency service with collection at one of our local offices, is available for collection at the designated office chosen by the Customer at the time of purchase. This is on the condition that the information provided to ChangeGroup Sweden at the time of ordering is correct. The customer can request a delivery date no earlier than one (1) to seven (7) banking days after ChangeGroup Sweden receives the order, depending on the currency the customer requests and up to three (3) weeks after, however only on days the store is open. When collecting the currency, the Customer must present the order number and a valid identity document. The Customer must then acknowledge receipt. Only personal delivery is accepted and agents are not accepted.


The foreign currency that the Customer has ordered is delivered from ChangeGroup Sweden within three (3) to seven (7) banking days after payment has been made via the website. This is provided that the information provided to ChangeGroup Sweden is correct. ChangeGroup Sweden sends the currency to the Customer using the PostNord Sverige AB (hereinafter referred to as "PostNord") service for registered mail REK domestic ("REK"). The order is sent to the Customer's national registration address. When a REK with foreign currency is available for collection from one of PostNord's agents, the Customer will receive a notification about this from PostNord via a post and/or via SMS, if the Customer entered their phone number when ordering. The customer can pick up the foreign currency at the postal agent that applies to the customer's national registration address. When collecting the currency from the postal agent, the Customer must present the order number and a valid identity document. The Customer must then acknowledge receipt. Only personal delivery is accepted, agents are not accepted. In the event of damage (broken, taped, damaged packaging) the shipment must not be accepted at the agent and the Customer must contact ChangeGroup Sweden immediately.


The following ID documents are accepted for pick-up: Swedish driving license issued by the Swedish Transport Agency, Swedish EU passport and Swedish national ID card issued by the Swedish Police Agency as well as the Swedish Tax Agency's ID card. LMA cards issued by the Swedish Migration Agency are not accepted as valid identification.


The currency remains with the postal agent for collection for fourteen (14) days. If an REK is not picked up within this time, it will be returned to ChangeGroup Sweden. When ChangeGroup Sweden has received the REK shipment back, ChangeGroup Sweden will refund the amount to the Customer, via the card used at the time of purchase. For this, ChangeGroup Sweden charges an administrative fee to cover ChangeGroup Sweden's additional costs. The fee is deducted from the amount before repayment is made.


If ChangeGroup Sweden cannot deliver the foreign currency within the above-mentioned time, ChangeGroup Sweden will contact the Customer to inform them that the currency cannot be delivered and that the purchase will be returned. If ChangeGroup Sweden does not get in touch with the customer, the purchase amount is refunded to the customer via the customer's card, which was used for the purchase. In the event of a refund, ChangeGroup Sweden pays back exactly the amount that the Customer paid.


ChangeGroup Sweden offers to buy back at no extra cost foreign currency that the Customer has purchased from ChangeGroup Sweden AB, provided that the Customer can show a receipt for the payment. To buy back currency, the Customer needs to visit one of ChangeGroup Sweden's local offices. ChangeGroup Sweden buys back the currency at the current currency's purchase price in case of repurchase that applies on the day the Customer receives the currency. Any fees paid are not refunded to the Customer. In the absence of a receipt, charges will be made according to the current price list.


ChangeGroup Sweden is responsible for carrying out the order that the Customer has placed, under the condition that the Customer has placed a correct order. ChangeGroup Sweden is not responsible for delays caused by PostNord or its agents. ChangeGroup Sweden is not responsible for damage that the Customer may suffer due to error in internet connection, or similar connection or other technical equipment that does not belong to ChangeGroup Sweden. ChangeGroup Sweden does not guarantee that an order for currency can always be made via ChangeGroup Sweden's website and thus does not reimburse any additional costs that may arise if an order has not been able to take place. Furthermore, ChangeGroup Sweden is not responsible for damage caused by Swedish or foreign legislation, Swedish or foreign authority action, war event, strike, blockade, boycott, lockout or other similar circumstance. The proviso regarding strikes, blockades, boycotts and lockouts applies even if ChangeGroup Sweden itself is subject to or takes such conflict measures. Damage that occurred in other cases shall not be compensated by ChangeGroup Sweden, if it has been normally careful. ChangeGroup Sweden is only responsible for indirect damage in cases where the damage is caused by ChangeGroup Sweden's gross negligence.


Within the contractual relationship and in the communication between the Customer and ChangeGroup Sweden, the Swedish language is used. Contract terms and information are provided in Swedish. The customer does not have the right to unilaterally, without ChangeGroup Sweden's consent, change the means currently used for distance communication, i.e. the way in which the communication between the Customer and ChangeGroup Sweden takes place. Messages from ChangeGroup Sweden that are sent using electronic communication to the specified electronic address or telephone number shall be deemed to have reached the Customer at the time of dispatch. The customer must notify ChangeGroup Sweden of events that are of importance to ChangeGroup Sweden after the order and payment for the online currency service has been completed.

ChangeGroup Sweden has the right to document the customer's communication with ChangeGroup Sweden.


When you contact ChangeGroup Sweden, apply for or use any of ChangeGroup Sweden's services, personal information about you is handled such as name, social security number, contact details, transaction details, account details and other. Partly it is about information you provide yourself, otherwise it can be about information generated internally or retrieved from another source. For information on how we process your personal data, see ChangeGroup Sweden's currently applicable Privacy Policy, which is available at ChangeGroup Sweden's local office or at www.changegroup.se


ChangeGroup Sweden has the right to transfer all or parts of its rights and obligations in accordance with these terms and conditions to others. ChangeGroup Sweden also has the right to hire subcontractors to fulfil its obligations. The customer is not entitled to transfer his rights and obligations under these terms.


If the Customer has complained about ChangeGroup Sweden's internet-based currency service, but does not accept ChangeGroup Sweden's assessment in the complaint matter, the Customer can contact ChangeGroup Sweden's complaints officer in writing at the address:

ChangeGroup Sweden AB
To: Complaints Officer
Drottninggatan 65
111 36 Stockholm

The complaints officer investigates the matter within two (2) weeks and returns to the Customer with a written response or verbally by telephone. The complaints manager can also be reached at the e-mail address klagomal@changegroup.se. For independent advice, the Customer has the option of turning to the municipal consumer guidance. If the examination of the Customer's complaint, despite contacts with the complaint officer within ChangeGroup Sweden, has not resulted in a satisfactory solution for the Customer, the Customer can contact the General Complaints Board (ARN). A report to ARN must be in writing and sent to:

The General Complaints Board
Box 174
101 23 Stockholm

In order for the committee to be able to examine the case, there are, among other things, certain value and time limits. ChangeGroup Sweden undertakes to participate in ARN's treatment of the dispute. More information and registration form can be found at www.arn.se.


Interpretation and application of this agreement shall take place in accordance with Swedish law. Disputes arising from this agreement must be settled by a Swedish court. Swedish law on marketing has been followed.