Changegroup 25 Years

About Us

ChangeGroup is a leading provider of foreign exchange services for the international traveller and international businesses. We serve over 3 million customers every year with a global network of 120 branches in 22 cities, across 11 countries across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. With over 19 years’ experience of the foreign exchange market, ChangeGroup is still owned by the founding family members. It is our commitment to provide exceptional customer service that has helped us become one of the most successful foreign exchange companies offering a trustworthy, caring and convenient service around the world.

Our Travel Money Online service offers you exceptional online exchange rates for your travel money needs with the convenience of home delivery. We constantly monitor the market to ensure you are getting the most for your money so you don’t have the hassle of shopping around. ChangeGroup’s International Payments service caters for all your personal and business needs whether you are buying property overseas, importing goods, components or raw materials, paying an international supplier or investing in a high value purchase overseas, we will always ensure you the most competitive exchange rate and avoid additional transfer charges, commission or overseas bank fees.